Days spent – 2 days (3 August 2016 to 5 August 2016)

Places visited – Munich

Books read – None

Things done – Residenz, Englischer Garten,  Nymphenburg Palace

Highlight(s) – Englischer Garton,  wurst

Lowlight(s) – Not enough time…

Cost – £73.85 (£36.92 per day)

The first thing to mention in this blog is my journey to get there.  For I went to Munich from Venice by bus.  This means a lovely trip trough the Italian and Austrian Alps before arrival.  We stop in Trento and Bozen (Italy) and a few people get off at each.  I’m immensely jealous of them because they’re  such beautiful places.  We go onwards to Munich and because it’s such a ‘long’ journey (I’m writing on the Trans-Mongolian so long is relative I suppose!), we stop for fifteen minutes in Innsbruck. I don’t think I can claim this as me having visited Austria though.  The weather has turned and for the first time in about seven weeks I feel rain.  In Austria it’s that drizzly stuff we get in England that gets you wet without you realising.  So it’s a quick dash to grab supplies for the remainder of the journey.  In Munich it can rain properly and I get very wet going to the bus bound for Prague.

In Germany I also see the first KFC I’ve seen for about a month and a half.  They don’t seem to have them in Spain or Italy.  I resist the temptation to go in for now.  Having resisted that, I must eat something…  I’m sure I’m not the first to make this joke but German food is just the wurst!  More specifically, currywurst. What German genius came up with that combination?!  They need to hook up with the Italian that came up with mojito gelato and solve all the world’s problems.  What brilliant minds.

In Munich, I’ve been advised to go to Englischer Garten.  Well it should be good with that name, right?!  It is good, in fact it makes Hyde Park look rubbish. There’s a water system you can swim down but unfortunately I don’t have my swim shorts with me.  It’s twenty nine degrees while I’m here and everyone treats it like a beach and it’s massive so there’s so much room.

Regrettably, because I need to be in Moscow by the August twenty third I can’t spend as much time as I’d like in Germany.  I don’t even get to go to Berlin!  I also would have liked more time talking to Javier about exciting things like Tomorrowland.  But, perhaps the biggest sacrilege of all, I didn’t have time to visit a brewery.  Apologies to all Germans.

The cost shown above is flatters Germany somewhat as all things I did were free!  I didn’t eat out either (only there one evening!).  It is not the cheapest place I’ve been so far… Although, this just means I have to go back, to do things properly!

Strawbs – written 26 August 2016, published 28 August 2016

P.S: Can’t find half my photos (for Germany), but will hopefully track them down for Facebook photo album, I know they’re there somewhere…

Residenz garden

Nymphenburg Palace

If they’re not using them, do you think they’d notice if I took one…?!


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