Day spent – 2 days (17 August 2016 to 19 August 2016)

Places visited – Tallinn

Books read – Gone Girl (unfinished)

Things done – Walking tour, Torture Museum, City Wall walk

Highlight(s) – View of Old Town, Torture Museum

Lowlight(s) – Quiet, little to do

Cost – £79.67 (£39.84 per day)

Tallinn is a long way from Warsaw.  The journey was supposed to be sixteen hours but that turned into twenty hours. My one connection at Vilnius at ten pm turned into two connections, one in Vilnius at three am and one in Riga at seven am.  Nightmare. 

I eventually arrive in Tallinn and my hostel is a half hour walk from the bus station.  After it I feel I’ve already seen the place!  It’s tiny, Tallinn itself is only four hundred and fifty thousand people. Being a little country with a big neighbour they are fiercely proud of their independence.  Their flag is raised and their anthem played at sunrise and sunset every day at the parliament building except in summer when it’s no later than ten pm and no earlier than seven am.

This is because of the latitude, it’s quite far north.  In fact, it’s north of Inverness, which is not what you immediately think for mainland Europe. Despite this, the temperature is still a comfortable mid twenties by day and it’s not too cold at night.  It does seem to rain at seven pm like clockwork though.

The girls here are pretty too but what goes into the water here must be a little more diluted than it is in Poland.  I go to the walking tour but I have no idea what the guide said because she had eyes I got lost in.  After the tour I definitely feel like I’ve seen Tallinn.  The hostel has recommended this cafe so I check the online reviews.  According to one reviewer they have a girl working there who is the prettiest girl in the world (pretty big claim I think…), count me in! I get there and can’t believe my eyes, there’s three of them!  I have no idea which one he’s referring to.  They have a strange system regarding toilet symbols, one is a triangle and the other is an upside down triangle.  No local refers to this and the girls in the cafe took great delight in my confusion.

Another highlight is Tallinn’s Torture Museum.  For some reason I have this strange obsession with torture.  I post pictures below of a few examples.  You’ll be pleased to hear the first one was considered to be mild!  The second one is thought to be the worst.

The cost is a little unfair again as I had Euros so I thought I may as well spend them before I leanlve Europe for good. I’m not sure this is sensible…  I also spend more time than I probably should in that cafe!  Although we did disagree over what constitutes a large portion of pasta.

One thing I do remember from the tour is that Estonia is the most unreligious country in the world.  For me, that makes it one of the most intelligent.  It amazes me that in 2016 billions of people believe in adult tooth fairies and Father Christmases.

Strawbs – written 7 September 2016, published 21  September 2016

My first Russian Orthodox church…

The old City Wall


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